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No but let me tell you about Michiru.

I’ve read this opening chapter of Stars about a million times. It was one of the only Mixx comics I owned, so it’s practically falling apart from being read so much. And let me tell you, Michiru guts me the most. She’s clearly the most excited about being in high school, compared to the other girls. They’re all ecstatic, of course, but none of them are waxing poetic about it like Michiru. None of them are thinking about it with literal hearts in their eyes, or speaking with just so much joy that it can only be emphasized by hearts in the dialogue.

I mean, let’s look at Michiru. Aside from Minako (who is arguably the other most-excited girl in this scene), she’s been at this Senshi business the longest. We don’t even know for sure how much longer she was fighting as a Senshi before she found Haruka—or if she was even the first to awaken before Sailor V. So this girl, probably fourteen or fifteen at the time of her awakening as a Sailor Senshi (as Minako was only thirteen when she awakened as Sailor V, that would put Michiru at fifteen or close to it), has to go it alone, fighting the Dark Agency and trying to figure out what the hell she’s doing. Alone. She doesn’t have Luna or Artemis, or any fellow warriors to help her. Think about how much Usagi and the Inner Senshi matured between when they first awakened at fourteen and when the series ended and they were about 16-17—the same age Michiru and Haruka were when they met them. And Michiru’s even more hardened than Haruka, because she had her time alone that forced her to grow up quickly. Look at how both Haruka and Michiru react to things. Haruka has more of a tendency to be the more soft-hearted of the two, especially when it concerns Usagi, while Michiru is the one who normally reminds her that they have the Mission to think of first and foremost.

People often forget that. They consider that their appearances dictate their reactions to the world, with Michiru filling a feminine, weaker approach and Haruka filling a masculine, harder approach. Michiru is much more cold in her approach than Haruka usually is; not because she wants to, but because someone has to and if no one else will, then gosh-darnit, it’s going to be her. Michiru gets shit done.

So, when all is said and done, by 17 (which she should be in the Stars arc, if I’m remembering correctly), this girl has fought demons, sustained a career of global recognition, nearly died several times to save the world, raised a child… and all she wants to do is go back to high school.

And she does.

And she loves it.

Because for the first time in a very, very long time, she gets to be normal. And normal is the best feeling in the world. Her girlfriend, her Princess, and her friends are all around her, and everyone is safe.

Sailor Neptune can stand down, because Michiru Kaioh has a perfectly normal life to lead, thankyouverymuch.

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