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You would think that maybe Tony would be genre-savvy with the whole renegade-destruction-robot-apocalypse thing, but no

Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching. (x)


There’s an Iron Man porn parody where the first scene is Tony being interviewed by a reporter, which quickly turns into Tony banging the reporter.

And then Happy joins in at Tony behest, and he’s frowning throughout the whole thing.

That is commitment to character. In porn.

Wait, that’s a parody? It’s not just canon?


tony stark’s story is about second chances and recovery and how you can turn your life around no matter how much you’ve fucked up before and that’s why he’s so important to me.


Tony Stark + never stop smiling



fallaces sunt rerum species means appearances are deceptive and Natasha Romanoff is the best fucking avenger fight me



This scene.

This is actually the first time in the movie that Tony doesn’t have his flippant, devil-may-care image that he shows in public or doesn’t have his defenses up to survive like he did back in Afghanistan. This is the first time we see Tony defenseless and open, in the figurative and literal sense. And who does he shows this side of himself to? Pepper.

And despite the people constantly surrounding and adoring everything he does, the only person he trusts to literally hold his life in his hands - is Pepper. Even though he plays it off as a joke in the end, she doesn’t roll her eyes at him or scoff or do her usual reactions whenever Tony is playing around. She keeps quiet and clenches her fists as she realizes he’s said so much in that single sentence - that when it comes down to it, she’s the only person he shows this side of himself to, and the only person he trusts not to judge him for it.


But seriously, I’m just going to be over here crying about the fact that Maria Hill is using the last of her political capital (and Stark Industries/Tony and Pepper’s clout) to beg, barter, and steal lifeboats for her people. (Canon, canon, totally canon.) She offered it to May as soon as they met up, and again when she cornered Coulson. There is no getting around the fact that she’s hanging most of her agents out to dry, but the harsh reality is that this is triage. She’s saving who she can to fight another day. 

I’m also having mild heart palpitations over the idea that Tony and Pepper are snapping up SHIELD agents, getting them under contract as fast as possible in order to lawyer them up and protect them from the Pentagon/alphabet soup agencies. It’s so, SO important to me that it is Stark Industries saving the people that gave SHIELD it’s heart. I have this whole thing in my head that Howard always intended for Tony to go off to the SHIELD Science Academy after MIT, but he was killed by Hydra before he could read in Tony. SHIELD is as much Howard’s legacy as SI is, and I think Howard probably would have wanted Tony for both. It’s rather fitting that Tony is the one that will see to it that both manage to carry on in one form or another, even if they are nothing like what Howard left for him.

Tony and Pepper were able to save SI when its corruption and links to terrorism easily could have sunk the entire company. Maybe by protecting as many good agents as they can, they’ll manage somehow to do the same for SHIELD. And just as Howard and Peggy were able to resurrect the SSR under a new name, Tony/Pepper/Maria will be able to carry on the legacy under a different title. I hate to spoil it for you, but I think that title is going to start with an A.


A comic about Tony liking to put his name on everything and Bucky still working on his anger management issues

So I recently noticed something about Tony Stark…



This man




lets anyone


drive him.


He literally


is always


the one in the drivers seat.


He has a chauffeur 


that he drives. 

And then I realized…


There’s probably


good reason


for that. 


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